A Student’s Journey to Finance His Way Through College – Kris Furbert

by admin on June 10, 2013

“I knew if I wanted to do well in school I had to give up a lot, I had to make some hard decisions. I started working at the age of 10. I had two jobs in high school and was very independent. Most of the time when my friends were hanging out I was working, I don’t regret it because it made me the strong independent individual I am today.”

As 26 year old Kris Furbert, from St. George Bermuda closes his first year with the European School of Economics he reflects on his journey and discusses his educational accomplishments and how they’ve helped him become a strong independent individual.

ESE Madrid Student, Kris Furbert

After completing high school in Bermuda, Kris took out a loan from the bank and went to a boarding school in England. “I worked construction on my school breaks to afford my flights and to have enough spending money to last the term.  After I finished school I continued working construction and also at a bank to continue paying off my loans. Finally I got a job as a corrections officer for a correctional facility.”

Kris wasn’t satisfied with his job and wanted a change. He decided his short term goal was to earn his degree in Madrid and his long term goal was to find a career in accounting or finance but he didn’t have the resources to fund it. As a pro-active individual, he took an accounting course at Bermuda College and worked diligently earning high grades. “I was busy”, he admitted as he was still working and was also a member of the Bermuda National Rugby Team.

Upon completion of his accounting course at Bermuda College he immediately applied for scholarships from Government and private companies and was awarded three scholarships which gave him the opportunity to study at an international business school. “I was surprised at the responses I got from my applications and how well all of the interviews went.”

The first scholarship was from The Association of Bermuda International Companies (ABIC) and is awarded to students looking to work within Bermuda’s international business sector. The second scholarship was awarded by, The Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies (BFIS) who grant scholarships to individuals who wish to work within the insurance/reinsurance industry in Bermuda. As Kris’s career goal was to work in the finance field he was granted the award.

Kris mentions that the third was more challenging to obtain. “KPMG Bermuda, awards this to one individual every year who is looking to pursue a career in accounting. There were over 40 applications for the KPMG scholarship.”  A truly rewarding scholarship to earn it guarantees an internship with KPMG Bermuda during the student’s school holiday’s and automatically enrolls them into the KPMG Bermuda’s graduate program, where they fully support the individual on their way to becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) or Certified Public Account (CPA).

“I chose ESE Madrid because I wanted to become fluent in Spanish. I think it will make me more of an asset to companies if I’m bi-lingual. Also, I like the flexibility to move to other campuses.” Through his course of study he began understanding and developing the fundamental skills to apply to his internship with KPMG Bermuda. He not only successfully completed his first KMPG internship but was asked to return in July 2013 for another.

Currently, Kris is preparing to begin an internship with XL Reinsurance in Bogota, Colombia. As an underwriting intern, he’s anxious and excited to spend two months with XL Re’s underwriting an Actuarial team and expanding his knowledge of the modeling systems and pricing methods for reinsurers.

Kris understood at an early age that with determination and hard work, anything is possible. He is a strong and independent individual on a path to success.

Please visit the ESE website for more information about studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at one of ESE’s six centres worldwide, or about skills development via it’s international internship programme.







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